7/22/2010 12:00:00 AM

The following is an explanation of a couple of new features we have recently added to our Admin Console. These are features that have been added based on requests from our customers. Please keep making suggestions how we can improve our service for you. We will consider each requests and determine how we can implement it to benefit everyone.
Page Archive:
If you are getting close to your page limit based on the website package you have selected and have pages designed that you are currently not using, but are keeping them for future use, the Page Archive is right for you. The Page Archive allows you to put pages in the "Archive" where they do not count against your page limit. While in the archive, these pages cannot be linked to from a menu or any other pages.

To place a page in the archive, simply click on the "PAGES" menu within the Admin Console. You should see a list of all active pages on your website. To the far right of each page in the list are two icons - clicking the first icon will place the selected page in the archive.

To pull a page from the archive, simply go to PAGES-->PAGE ARCHIVE within your website's Admin Console. You should see a list of all archived pages. The icon to the left of each page in the list will restore the page to an active status. You will again be able to link to the restored page and it will count against your page limit again as well.
Export User List:
This feature will allow anyone with access to the registered user list within the Admin Console export the list into a CSV (comma delimited) file. When looking at the user list page of the Admin Console, you will notice a new button across the top and bottom labeled "Export User List". Simply clicking the button will prompt you to save or open a CSV file. If you have applied any filters to the user list through the search functionality, it will only export the currently filtered users.