2/22/2011 12:00:00 AM

In a show of support for the workers currently protesting the proposed Budget Repair Bill in Madison, Union-Local would like to offer some help to our customers. Effective immediately, any Wisconsin Local that is an existing Union-Local customer can sign up for our mail center feature for free, and receive 5000 emails with which to communicate with your members. The free emails will be valid for the next 30 days, or until the protests in Madison are concluded, whichever is longer. In addition, any local in Wisconsin that signs up for a free trial of our website service will also receive the free email offer.

To accept this offer, simply visit the Mail Center Sign-Up form on our website and select the "5000 Free Email" option. The sign-up form can be found at the following address:


For existing mail center users, we have not forgot about you either. We will be adding 5000 emails to your overage balance free of charge as well. The free emails will follow the same expiration as outlined above.

Here at Union-Local we appreciate the support you have given us over the past couple of years, and would like to return that support during this critical time for workers in Wisconsin.

If you have any questions regarding this offer, contact us at support@union-local.com.

Best Regards

Union-Local Staff